Carol F. (Dearing) Rommel 


TALENT DEVELOPMENT builds winning newsrooms.  The message is clear... whether it's from research or conventional wisdom, viewers prefer newscasters who demonstrate....

                       A "real", not phony, personality

                       Professional appearance

                       Professional speech and vocal clarity

                       A broad fund of knowledge


                       Appropriate sense of humor

                       A team player and member of the community.


Carol's mantra is to build talent's performance by emphasizing natural assets and skills.  She does not  waste time pursuing some formulaic model broadcaster, nor is she an "image builder". Carol is an "identity builder".



Broadcast Talent Coaching

Carol Rommel is one of the best talent coaches in the business. She has a positive approach to teaching which instills confidence in her students. For me, her insightful instruction was right on the mark and produced immediate results

Ron Martin

TV News Anchor at WGAL TV


If you want to be an incredible TV reporter or anchor, make an appointment with her. I have never written a review before, but I owe Carol my career. Carol Rommel is one of the most experienced speech consultants/speech pathologists in her field. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the news industry, but she is also kind and a pleasure to work with. After a few sessions with Carol, my on-air presence and voice dramatically improved. I am constantly receiving compliments for my on-air talent and voice. Just a testament to her character: I am not even in Dallas anymore, but she is still always willing to help me. I can not speak highly enough of Carol and will forever be grateful for everything she has done for me.

Domenica Fuller,


Carol (Dearing) Rommel began her coaching career at WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas, with the help and guidance of the late Marty Haag, News Director.  She continues to help both new and tenured broadcast journalists develop and maintain a current and professional on-camera presence.  Carol is expert in the areas of:  professional appearance, speech and voice, copy reading skill, nonverbal language, and has an all-inclusive approach to talent development.  Reporters, producers, directors, News Directors, and General Managers are all welcome at her group presentations and individual coaching sessions.  Marketable newscasts are products of many professionals in the newsroom, and it is her belief that all those who touch a newscast must be included in the coaching process in some way.   


Carol understands the limitations many stations must address and works to find alternative ways to keep the newscast fresh and credible.  Sometimes tv stations lack wireless IFB's, or that third camera, or a good size studio.  Carol listens to the team and searches to remedy the limitations and showcase the positive elements.  This ability only comes through experience. 


One talent coaching visit does not a professional make.  Follow-up is an essential element of fine coaching, and so News Directors forward samples of newscasts 6 weeks following the coaching visit.  On-going feedback to talent is the springboard to consistent talent performance.  Just as a tennis coach watches his students to capitalize on their strengths and prevent bad habits from developing, Carol works to showcase talent's marketable assets and encourages consistent high-quality performance with on-going feedback between visits.


Russ Mitchell, Anchor for CBS Evening News, thanked Carol personally at the First Amendment Awards in Washington, D.C., in 2011 for her coaching help early in his career.  Susana Schuler, First Amendment Rewards recipient, thanked Carol during her presentation at the banquet.


Carol prefers to travel to the station for a 1- or 2-day visit.  Prior to the visit, the News Director forwards sample newscasts for Carol to review without input from the ND or GM.  Coaching suggestions are presented, and the News Director and/or General Manager are integral to developing the coaching goals and directives.  If make-up artists or hair stylists are needed, Carol identifies them in the station's market when possible, and meets with them during the on-site visit.  When Carol arrives, she is prepared.  Time is not wasted.  Written reports are provided with agreed-upon goals specified within a time frame.  Then a 6-week follow-up review is scheduled.  Consistent and regular follow-up is the ideal way to manage on-going talent development.

Carol has spoken at numerous national  conventions and regional meetings of RTDNA. 

Susana Schuler, Vice President Broadcast News, Raycom Media, endorses and recommends Carol as a talent coach with comprehensive skills.  Susana was first introduced to Carol when she was a student at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, and an intern at the NBC affiliate in the market.  Susana came to Carol to improve her on-camera presence.  She later would become the News Director at KFDX-TV in Wichita Falls, then ND in other markets, including Terre Haute and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Carol and Susana worked together for the Nexstar Broadcasting Company, each with the mission of improving delivery of the news through on-going talent development and follow-up. 

Carol F. Rommel

7777 Forest Lane

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Dallas, Texas  75230