Ever have  a brilliant idea that just didn't get through? Ever wonder why?


     If you have a brilliant idea in mind, but can't get your idea transmitted successfully to your audience, your idea dies.  There's a difference between having an idea and getting It across to others.  Just imagine how many ideas have been lost..... ideas that could change your world or the world of those around you.  Carol believes that maximizing your speaking potential, your language usage, your vocal quality, your expressiveness, can lead to successful delivery of your ideas... so speech change is not the end-all, it is the catalyst through which your idea will travel...


    If you think better speech could help you progress faster and farther in your career, you're probably right.  As an experienced speech coach and Vocologist in Dallas, Carol can assess each parameter of your speech and vocal skill and recommend techniques for creating a more professional sound to your voice.  Imagine being proud of the way your speech and voice sound to others.  Sometimes the simplest advice from a professional  speech coach like Carol can produce remarkable results.

   One of Carol's long time competitors and colleagues once said, "Carol can spot a lisp at  100 yards!"  She took that as a compliment and continues to be spot-on in her evaluations of articulatory clarity, pacing, speech fluency, pitch and melody, rate of speaking, projection and vocal quality.  Just ask her colleague, Dr. Wayne Kirkham, about her skill and he'll tell you she's a "master".  And he should know.  His patients include Mick Jagger, Sting, Celine Dion, Don Henley, Lee Ann Rimes, and more....


   Carol's areas of expertise are extensive and include rapid rate, poor diction and enunciation, vocal projection, pitch modification, breath support, vocal quality, pacing and fluency, intonation, and accent.  Many of her clients are professionals who want to fine-tune their communication skills for better marketability and future success. Some come to learn to be more credible... more commanding... and include doctors, dentists and executives.  Speech coaching has taught them how to become better communicators.  And.... speech coaching has helped countless TV anchors and reporters to be the best they can be.  Speech coaching adds sheen and luster to your speech, language usage, and clarity in presenting ideas.


   A full assessment of your vocal and speech skill takes about 2 hours.  When Carol's finished, she provides a written summary of her findings and recommends the best steps to improve your speaking skill in the shortest amount of time.  Carol does not believe in long-term therapy programs or ad infinitum speech coaching sessions.  Once the steps are determined, individual coaching sessions are custom-designed to extract the maximum improvement in a reasonable amount of time. Both the client and Carol discuss improvement and determine the future course of speech coaching.