Your Speech Personality

The Voice of Emotion:  Use Your Voice to Improve Your Health

12 Speech Characteristics of Credible  People

The Truth about Lying

If you're looking for a speaker for your group meeting, Carol offers topics that are unlike most speakers.  Her presentations are creative, educational, personalized and unusual. They center on professional speech and voice -- topics that are often overlooked.  She's humorous, entertaining... but focuses on the mission of giving audience members novel and valuable information they can use to improve their self-confidence when speaking or communicating.  She is not silly and does not do stupid things to get your attention.  But she does have an energetic sense of humor that comes through in her talk.  Check out the topics listed below, and see if you're interested.  Rest assured, she's never failed to deliver an impressive talk.

Speaking Engagements

TexasMonthly 25th Anniversary Keynote Speaker
Susan G. Komen Speakers Bureau
The Rosewood Corporation
U.S. Department of Personnel Management
American Airlines
Brinker Communications, Dallas
State of Texas SHRM Conerence
IABC Conention, Dallas
Dallas Morning News, HR Training Workshops
Woodland Investment Company
MD Buyline, Leadership Program, Dallas
Professional Women in Travel
Healthcare Coalition of Texas
Pulitzer Broadcasting Comany
RTNDA, Memphis, Indianappolis, Tulsa, Miami, Denver, New Orleans
RTNDA, Yale University
State of Texas SHRM Congerence
Associated Speech Language Pathologist Audiologists
Complete List Available on Request

 Your Speech Personality and How it Helps You or Hurts You

     Ever wonder what your speech says about you?  This presentation shows you how your speech, voice and language influence others' impressions of you.  Talk too fast?  Maybe you're nervous or anxious.  Mumble?  Maybe you're just not interested in the conversation.  Monotone?  Maybe you're bored and disinterested.  Raspy voice?  Maybe you're sick, or controlling or aggressive.  Get interrupted a lot?  Maybe your voice is fading out. And the list goes on.  Learn how others associate your socio-economic status, your intelligence, your education level, your "roots" by simply listening to your speech and voice.  And learn how you can improve your speech to reflect who you want to be.


   Learn how the power and prestige of good speech can impact your career and help you be successful.  Get specific tips to improve your articulatory clarity, fluency, projection, melody, pacing, expressiveness, dialect and accent, and language usage.  Carol shows you how speech skill can fine-tune and polish your message.  Here's an opportunity to learn how broadcasters, professional speakers and leaders use speech to enhance their image.   

The Truth About Lying

   This talk is exclusively dedicated to showing the audience how to detect lying.  It's based on the kinesic interview technique used by law enforcement and government agencies.  You'll learn the behavioral differences between a liar and a truth0-teller when they're under pressure.  We'll show you which gestures and postures to look for and how to interpret certain phrases.

   This is a fascinating and adventuresome presentation that draws a a wide range of interested listeners.  And it's based on empirical data from the fields of kinesics and paralinguistics.  But the talk is fun, easy to understand, and filled with real-life examples.