The only reason to give a speech is to
change the world.

John F. Kennedy



 Speech Services Dallas
Public Speaking Coaching
Carol F. Rommel, M.S. CCC Sp
Certified Lifetime Member,  ASHA

Public Speaking  Coaching

We don't write speeches like we used to.  Things have changed.  Public speaking coaching can help you feel confident that your message is clear, conversational and relevant.  



   There are a lot of talented people out there who have brilliant ideas, observations, or unique perspectives on life. But they hesitate to share these thoughts because they're afraid of speaking in public, of being judged, criticized or laughed at.  Fear prevents them from succeeding. Fear is actually normal and can be used to channel energy and excitement into your message.  You just have to know how to do it.  And it can be done.  

   Public speaking skill can open doors for you.  Public speaking skill can make you a stand-out in today's competitive market place.  Executive coaching ensures that business professionals have fine-tuned their ideas into presentations that will move their audiences.  Judges employ Carol's services as a speech writer and editor and virtually always receive sterling feedback from their audiences.  Regional sales reps ask for Carol's advice in creating and delivering their presentations.  Attorneys ask her to suggest ways to tighten their opening statements and closing arguments.  Doctors want to know how to be better communicators for their colleagues and patients.

    Carol's 28 years of experience helps you design and edit your message, using a visual technique that draws from the creative side of your brain. Once you've thought about your message, planned the design and customized it to your audience, the most significant part of the rehearsal process begins.  You are video-taped and your presentation is reviewed by Carol to identify ways to improve.  So you "rehearse" and fine tune with Carol until your message is clear.  It's just like being a singer or dancer.... speech delivery is an art form, requiring practice and polish.  Once you've rehearsed, you're ready to stand in front of your audience, feeling confident and secure in your points and delivery.  


   There are so many ways to improve a speech... through better writing, timing, phrase-grouping and coordination of non-verbal with verbal. When you learn these principles and "insider" tips, you'll deliver a more compelling and memorable speech.  And you'll suffer less from anxiety because you'll be prepared.


    Carol guides you through the design and development of your speech.  But the most critical part of preparation is rehearsing outloud in front of Carol.  She'll help you clarify your points, improve your fluency, your nonverbal messages.... and ultimately strengthen your confidence.  If you can get approval from Carol, you'll get approval from your audience!  Your confidence will carry you to success in speaking.  It is everything.