About Carol

Carol Dearing-Rommel began her broadcast career at WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas, at the request of the late Marty Haag, News Director.  She not only coached his frontline talent, but also appeared on his Noon Show as a  speech expert.  Some of her "students"  were Leeza Gibbons, Dennis Troute (ABC Network), and Russ Mitchell (CBS).  Carol moved on to long-term consulting jobs with the Pulitzer family of stations, including KOAT, KETV, WGAL, WYFF, WXII, KCCI as well as many of the Nexstar Broadcasting stations.  She worked with Paula Zahn, Heidi Collins, Mollie Henneberg (FNC), Heather Tesch (The Weather Channel) and hundreds more across the country.  Carol also worked as an adjunct to Audience Research and Development, Media & Marketing, and Virginia Sherwood and Associates.

Carol's pre-broadcast career equipped her with knowledge and experience from several areas to dovetail perfectly with the needs of talent.  As a speech pathologist and audiologist, she taught at Eastern Illinois University, Middle Tennessee State University, and University of Texas at Dallas and was a tenured assistant professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  She taught classes ranging from phonetics and linguistics to kinesics to the psychology of speech.  Along the way, she worked for Mel Tillis at the Grande Ol' Opry in Nashville as a promoter for the Loretta Lynn Rodeo.  She was a print model, a commercial voice over artist, and a commercial actress.

As an invited speaker at many regional and national conferences, Carol's presentations focus on methods for developing effective communication, whether it be business or broadcast based.  She contributed articles to the RTNDA's "Communicator".  She is author of "Standard American Speech" and is currently writing another book on vocal strategies for professionals.  Carol has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal and many more publications.

Carol continues to work in Dallas with her colleague of 16 years, Dr. Wayne R. Kirkham, the voice doctor to the "stars" whose client list reads like a "Who's Who" in the entertainment and broadcast industry, including Mick Jagger, Lee Ann Rimes, Celine Dion, and Don Henley.  She is married to a retired Dallas Police Detective and cares for two incredibly smart adopted dogs, Noodle and Sarge.