Do you talk too fast?  Is your pitch too high?  Are you monotone? Do you have an accent?  Is your language style interfering with your ability to reach your goal??


Carol knows the research on the human voice, how it plays into your personality, and what you can do to control those unspoken signals.  She can evaluate your speech and voice and provide specific direction in many areas to improve your vocal and verbal expression and create a  vocal personality that matches your self-concept.

10 Voices that SABOTAGE Your Credibility...    

The human voice has evolved over millions of years to an instrument capable of not only creating sound, but also defining how you feel, how you think, how you've changed and how you live.  So much can be deduced from the quality of your voice, and  you can be assured that others make subconscious decisions about you based on the "signals" you're sending with your voice... not just your spoken words.  

 People judge your social status, your intelligence, your level of education, your energy, your outlook on life from the sound of your voice.They decide whether or not to be friends with you, if they should hire you and if they can trust you.  And, as a result, you
get the job, pass the audition, make a new friend, get invited back.

Have you ever wondered if your voice sounds as good as you look?  We spend millions of dollars of year in our country on cosmetics, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and more.  Few of us spend any time evaluating our voice and fine-tuning it to reap some benefit from it as well.   Did you know that....

Nasal voices may cause others to think you're a whining, complaining, tense kind of personality.

Monotoned voices may cause listeners to doze off... to categorize you as "boring", lacking energy.

Raspy or gravelly voice can say "tired", "aggressive", "controlling".

Loud over-projected, shrill voices can say aggressive, pushy,  egocentric.

Soft, quiet voices can say "submissive", "unimportant", "follower", "sheepish".   They can also be mistaken for passion.

Rapid rates of speaking can say "nervous", anxious, worried,, hurried.  

        Rushed speech sounds subordinate.

Jerky, disjointed vocal rhythm can say lack of concentration, distracted, poor focus, lack of control.  It can impact your credibility.

High pitch can say nervous, juvenile, immature, "sheepish", inexperienced.

Low pitch can be good or not so good for your vocal image. If it's too low, you might sound gruff and irascible.  If it's pleasantly low, it can say commanding and powerful.

Mumbling speech says lack of clarity and self-confidence... perhaps lack of education.

And there's so much more....

Those who have truly mellifluous voices analyze the voice and learn to embellish and develop it without losing its authenticity.  Most of us can improve our voices significantly,, with proper guidance and instruction.

Carol Rommel can help you determine your vocal baseline performance and identify ways to improve its presentation. 

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